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So This Is How It's Going To Be

Friday night against Mt. St. Mary's was a great turnout by the student section. So of course, I figured that with Marquette ascending into the top 20 in the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll, the student turnout would be outstanding again against Norfolk State last night.



There's the student section just after tipoff.

Ok, y'know what? It's a school day, I'm willing to believe that people had class until after 5, went home to drop off their backpack and then came to the game. So let's look at the difference just before halftime.



No home game for two weeks and you're just wasting one of 16 home games by a top 25 team? THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

We'll see you in two weeks after the Jacksonville game. I trust you will improve your performance.