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Marquette vs. Winthrop: The Old School Viewing Alternative

As you've probably heard, YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles are currently en route to the U.S. Virgin Islands to take part in this weekend's Paradise Jam.  And as you also might've heard, tomorrow's opening contest -- against the Eagles of Winthrop -- isn't available on any American television outlets -- not ESPN, not FOX Sports, not Time Warner Cable 32, not TNT, not NatGeo, not even Vs.

That, of course, leaves you, the loyal Marquette fan, in something of a pickle: you want to do everything you can to support your team from afar, but the game can be difficult to follow online, and, if Uncle Homer has found his way into St. Thomas' ample rum reserves, following on the radio might be a bit of a chore, too.

But fear not: your friends at Anonymous Eagle are here to help.

Since this game is apparently being played in 1957, we've tapped into some 18th century technology to help you keep track of the action on the court tomorrow: the battlefield map.  With the use of our custom-designed map below, you can follow the game play much like George Washington kept abreast of the relative position of the armies during the Revolutionary War.

Don't thank us. We're just doing our part.