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11.21 Morning Coffee: Paradise Jam Champs Edition

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Just like last Monday, tonight is a formality. Marquette will win a tournament they were expected to win. After tonight's dismantling of Norfolk State, the team will have a week off to enjoy Thanksgiving and then hit the court again next Monday against Jacksonville.

I won't lie, I like what I see so far out of the team. The level of intensity they bring on seemingly every possession is great to see. Outside of Terrance Henry, thief of trust and money, Buzz & Company held Ole Miss in check. We all knew this team was going to be tough to stop on offense, but the defense so far has been a pleasant surprise. However, giving up 26 offensive boards is, um, concerning.

FYI, if the TV feed dumps out like last night, don't whine like a baby like @dvoors (he has since deleted his tweets).

Early reviews are promising for the Muppets.

This is why I hate teenagers.

Seriously NBC: you're going to dump this, yet keep this on the air? Shameful.

The Shue deserves a better show than this.


LSU/Bama rematch provides yet another reason to hate the BCS.

Best TV show opens. Solid list except for #6.

WTF Yoda?

Top kids records of the year.

For Dr. Who nerds.

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Random Music Video: Milwaukee hipsters, Trapper Schoepp & The Shades. Download the song here.