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11.28 Morning Coffee: Let The Hate Begin Edition

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Yes, yes. I know Jacksonville is on the schedule tonight. but it doesn't matter. It's time to let Badger Hate Week begin. Think 'hate' is a strong word? You've obviously never met a Badger fan.

This is just a teaser, more entertaining things are coming all week long.

Warrior Brad penned a column back in October for CornNation and of course the reaction from Badger fans was predictable and humorless. They act like neanderthals to everyone and then wonder why nobody respects them. You earn respect by giving respect.

As Warrior Brad pointed out in the comments here, be ready for the following retorts:

1) We don’t care about you
2) Footbaw, footbaw, footbaw
3) You are just jealous b/c you couldn’t get into Madison
4) Thugs
5) You underachieve with all your talent
6) Bo Ryan (wanking sound) Bo Ryan (wanking sound)
7) Look at the latest US News & World Report university rankings
8) I don’t go to Milwaukee because I don’t want to get shot

Bo Ryan was stuck coaching D-3 hoops for twenty years for one reason and it wasn't because his offense was boring. It was because he was tainted material.

Also Badgers, that football game on Saturday night, doesn't matter.

Um, this tweet is wrong. It forgot Ohio State & Michigan State.

Worst Fans List.

Fire Jim Boeheim? Classy program you picked up ACC.

THIS. And seriously MU, why is this page still active?

Of course ESPN/ABC is the reason the NBA lockout is over.

Wow, Arizona.

Bob Costas says 'Get off my lawn'

Make It Stop.

Sith who stole Christmas.

There is hope for you yet America.

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Preview of the Jacksonville game.
Sporting News previews UW-MU.
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Goodman puts us in his top 25, finally.
Congrats to the volleyball team!

Random Music Video: Ugly Kid Joe - (I Hate) Everything About You