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BADGER HATE WEEK: Design Your Own Badger Jersey Contest!

You probably know that the back of Marquette's jersey got a makeover this season: as part of the Jumpman brand, MU's unis now feature what Nike calls an Aerographics image showcasing Marquette Hall, Al McGuire, and Marquette's emblem. As far as Aerographic designs go, it probably fits under the heading of "a little busy but otherwise about the best we could ask for."

More and more teams are wearing jerseys of this sort, and there's no reason our friends at UW-Madison should be left out of the movement. Since we're always eager to assist our pals to the west, we've whipped up a couple of Aerographic-style prototypes for the Badger basketball team.

This first option we call the V.I. Lenin Model:

After the jump: we've got a couple more designs, and then it's your turn to design your own Badger jersey!

This next one will haunt your dreams: we call it the Nosferatu Bo Model:

And last and probably least, we've got one that we call the Dick Bennett Memorial Model:

And now it's your turn: below is your blank template for your very own Badger basketball jersey. Fire up your Photostops and show us whatcha got, kids. If I'm particularly impressed, I might even hand out a prize.*

* Whether there's a winner and whether there's a prize is entirely left to my easily-abused discretion.