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What's a Hate Week? you ask. It's quite simple, really. This week, YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles prepare for the Red Rodents of Madison by breaking down film, working on their half-court offense, and carbo-loading. We do the same, except we carbo-load HATE.

In case that wasn't obtuse enough, here's another convoluted explanation for what we're doing. We hold this truth to be self-evident: the most dastardly evil known to the living or, in Bo Ryan's case, undead, lurks 90 minutes to the west of our fair city. This week, then, is our annual rejection of that evil and all its works.

In case you weren't with us last year, we're going to re-run last year's BHW posts every morning this week, with fresh content at noon every day.

We begin, as we do every BADGER HATE WEEK, by taking a moment to savor the storied history of UW-Madison men's basketball. Here's a comprehensive list of the NCAA tournament appearances by the Badgers from 1947-'48 to 1992-'93:

Let's go.