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Big East Big Five: Week 3

This week, we give thanks. Yes, slightly late relative to when the holiday falls, but this week this feature has the Big East-SEC Challenge to be able to draw games from. None of that having to decide which Providence game sucks less! On to the games!


Thursday, December 1: Saint John's @ Kentucky (6:30pm Central, ESPN2) - If you squint really hard, you can't tell the difference between the teams with high profile recruits and coaches with slicked back hair. Of course, if you do that, you can't see Steve Lavin's wife.

Thursday, December 1: Georgetown @ Alabama (8:30pm, ESPN2) - Show of hands: Who knew that Alabama was 7-0, #10 on KenPom, and won the Puerto Rico Tip-Off?

Friday, December 2: Louisville vs Vanderbilt (8pm, ESPN) - The Commodores have been quietly rolling along since losing to Cleveland State, and this dinged up Cardinals squad might not be their toughest test of the week: They play Tu Holloway and Xavier tonight.

Friday, December 2: Syracuse vs Florida (6pm, ESPN) - Gotta love top 10 match ups put together by interest of TV money! Fun Fact: The Gators put a 45 point stomping on Jacksonville in their last game. Can Marquette match that?

Saturday, December 3: West Virginia @ Mississippi State (8pm, ESPNU) - Which Bulldogs team shows up for this one: The one that lost to Akron at home, or the one that won games in MSG against #18 Texas A&M and #16 Arizona?