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BADGER HATE WEEK: If At First You Photoshop Fail ...

You might remember that the Red Rodents got in some hot water about ten years back when, in a comically misguided attempt to trumpet UW-Madison's "diversity," they executed perhaps the worst Photoshopping in the course of recorded history. In case you need your memory jogged, the original photo is on the right. The diversified version is on your left.


Hello, Anonymous African-American Madison Student Who Appears to be Watching the Game Under a Bright Fall Sun That Isn't Casting Its Glow on Anyone Else in Your Section!

Obviously, this was a disaster -- but perhaps not for the reason you're thinking. The problem doesn't lie in the failed Photoshop or in the fact that a chemistry class at UW-Madison has the racial composition of a Klan meeting. No: the problem is that if you're going to do something that transparently dumb, you need to go bigger.  Much bigger.

Like this:

Uwglover_medium        Uwangelou_medium        Uwbeyonce_medium       Uwcoleman_medium        Uwmlk_medium        Uwbleedinggums_medium        Uwlando_medium        Uwdouglas_medium        Uwmandela_medium        Uwhendrix_medium        Uwtoken_medium       Uwjackie_medium