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11.7 Morning Coffee: Almost Here Edition

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(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Four more days until the season begins.

Unreal. Penn State, that's beyond the pale, disgusting & unforgivable. Paterno's response is beyond weak. This is not enough. If you doubt anything about the story, read the tweets from SportsbyBrooks over the weekend. He has been absolutely killing this story.


Target is ripping you off.

Well, that sucked.

How to talk like a Beer Runner.

This looks like fun.

Worst #1 vs #2 ever.

Bird/Magic coming to Broadway.



Marquette Basketball Links:
JS feature story on Otule.
Cracked Sidewalks crunches the numbers on defense.
Butch Lee makes this top 50 of college hoops list.
Top 20 defenders? MU has none.
DJO is 43rd best shooter in the game.
Big East preview.
Another Big East cloudy future story.
NY Daily News: Marquette at #13.
Boston Globe: Marquette #17.
Feature story on jucos.
Buycks is a 66er now.
Wardle's team has little-to-no experience.
Tyshawn Taylor is the key to KU this year. #stillbitter
Women's team preview.

Random Music Video: The Budos Band