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2011 NCAA College Cup: Marquette Is In!

The NCAA announced the 64 team field for the 2011 Women's College Cup this afternoon. Your 17-3 Marquette Golden Eagles have been slotted into a first round match against 14-6-2 Toledo. According to the official women's soccer team Twitter account, that match will take place at Valley Fields on Saturday, and according to the athletic department, it will start at 6pm.

Marquette is one of 4 Big East teams that made it into the field. The three division winners - co-American champs West Virginia and Marquette and National champ Louisville - earned spots along with defending national champion Notre Dame. WVU earned the Big East's automatic bid by winning the Big East Championship.

A couple of notes:

  • Marquette did not earn one of the 16 numbered seeds, even though they were ranked in the top 10 in the country for most of the season.
  •'s format for the streamed selection show is insane. If you want to make me sit through ads, fine. I get it, it's a business. But you insult me by making me watch an ad for, which I am of course using to watch the show, and an ad for the official NCAA store. Then you tack on the insults by taking a second commercial break and show me the exact same two ads you showed the first time.
  • The ACC is apparently so strong that a 9-7-1 Miami Hurricanes team has qualified for the College Cup after not qualifying for the ACC tournament. 9 teams from the ACC are in the 64 team field, although in the NCAA's defense, 6 of them earned one of the 16 numbered seeds.