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An Anonymous Eagle Podcast? BADGER HATE WEEK Edition

It's the inaugural BADGER HATE WEEK edition of the Anonymous Eagle podcast, so Mr. K, Warrior Brad, and Rubie went heavy on talk of the Red Menace this week: we did our best to convince ourselves that Marquette has a fightin' chance in Ho Chi Madison; Mr. K and Brad provided tips and tricks for those of you making the trip to the Kohl Hole for the first time; and we struggled to name the fourteen Badgers who've logged game time this season. Plus: we've got a review of the Big East's sluggish start to the 2011-'12 season.

As always: we apologize in advance. Except to Brian Butch.

Click on the player below to listen, or, if you roll that way, download the podcast in iTunes by searching for 'Anonymous Eagle.'

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