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12.12 Morning Coffee: Walking Wounded Edition

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A once deep Marquette team now only has 8 available bodies. Thankfully, the team is off until Saturday against a 3-5 Northern Colorado team featuring former MU graduate assistant, and Nebraska native, Logan Bean. Outside of the Vanderbilt game, Marquette still stands a very good chance of going undefeated in non-conference play, despite all the injuries.

Braun, blame that Limelite Fusion energy drink you promote. Lord only knows what's actually in that garbage. It appears lots of people are rushing to judgement, so the damage has already been done. Here's a question: Who leaked the info out? Lastly, shame on ESPN for waiting NINE PARAGRAPHS in the story to mention that a second sample came back negative (my disdain for ESPN continues to grow rapidly).



Ohio schools, livin' the thug life.

!Buenas Noche de Náusea!

The different facial expressions from the crowd is classic.

More Dr. Who links for Brewtown Andy.

So much of my youth wasted in these cartoons.

My teenage years were also a waste.

Amazingly, none of AE Twitter people made this list.

No words to describe this picture.


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MU is top 3 in Big East.

Random Music Video: Polish Vodka - ja kocham polską wódkę! polska wódka smakuje bardzo dobrze! (The dancers at the 3:00 mark are a nice touch)