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12.12.11 Poll Update

Mid day on a Monday means there's brand new polls out!

YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles stayed at 11th in both polls. The top 10 teams in both polls just shuffled around a bit following losses by last week's top 2 teams, Kentucky and Ohio State. The shuffling was literally done around Ohio State, as they maintained their #2 spot following their loss to Kansas while being without star forward Jared Sullinger.

Marquette is the 4th Big East team listed in both polls, as Syracuse, Louisville, and Connecticut all show up in the top 10.

One last fun note to keep an eye on: 10-0 Murray State lands in at #24 in the AP poll after beating Memphis, but doesn't make it into the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll. Draw your own conclusions.

Full set of poll rankings are after the jump!