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An Anonymous Eagle Podcast? Ridin' High Edition

Our Badger Hate Week hangover lasted a bit longer than usual this year, which is why Warrior Brad, Mr. Kensington, and Rubie missed last week's episode of the podcast. We had a lot to catch up on in this edition, and we did our best to hit the high points: the victory in Madison (and the fact that Badger Hate Week got some national play yesterday with this Grantland piece on Bo Ball); the much more entertaining game in Madison Square Garden against Washington; the fallout from Chris Otule's injury and whether that's dampened anyone's happy thoughts about the upcoming conference season; and the return of It Could Be Worse.

As always: we apologize in advance.

Except to Tom Crean.

Click on the player below to listen to the podcast, or search for 'Anonymous Eagle' on iTunes to download this week's episode.