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12.19 Morning Coffee: Done With Cupcakes Edition

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Note: More than likely, this is your last Morning Coffee until the new year. Make sure to savor it.

Finally, the boring part of the season is over. Outside of the two UW games, the non-conference schedule has been a yawner. The officials didn't do anything to help the cause, but the game against Northern Colorado was just brutal to watch. But the next three games all should be entertaining.

LSU has a football title to worry about and basketball has been an afterthought ever since Shaq left. However, at 7-3, the Tigers will serve as MU's last non-conference road test, followed by a quick turnaround to face a tough 9-3 UWM team that should make for a pretty entertaining game on Thursday. Add in a desperate Vandy team and Marquette's three remaining games of 2011 are all pretty important. Lastly, I know it's been said before, but this team really, really, really misses Chris Otule on defense.

Schlitz and Giggles? Well done, Baton Rouge.

The Chiefs?

Heavy Metal logos, for pop stars.

I experienced this on Friday.

Realistic and unflattering portrait of Milwaukee.

But Will Ferrell thinks we're awesome.

New catch phrase for 2012: "I'm untouchable, bitch."

Beach Boys cash grab? Yep, I'll drop money for that.

Garbage Pail Star Wars.

Damn near 40 and daaaaaaaaamn.

Like father, like daughter. I mean really like daughter.

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Random Music Video: We here, the guys here at Anonymous Eagle, decided to make you video Christmas card. Or as some people call it, Christmas. Nightmare. Fuel. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out which one is Rubie. Happy Holidays Everyone!