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Who Wants To Cheer For A Top 10 Team?

Even if you didn't know if you did yet, you are!

With the release of the brand new AP and USA Today coaches poll, Marquette has moved into the #10 spot in both polls. It looks like the Golden Eagles are the beneficiary of Xavier getting torched without Tu Holloway, Mark Lyons, and Dez Wells in the lineup, as the Musketeers have dropped to 14th in the AP poll and 15th in the USA Today poll.

Marquette is the 4th Big East team in the top 10 in both polls, falling behind Syracuse (first in both), Louisville (4th), and Connecticut (8th AP, 9th USA Today). Pittsburgh (15th AP, 13th USA Today) and Georgetown (16th) also show up in both polls.

After the jump: Full lists of both polls!