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The Gang's All Here? HEY, THE GANG'S ALL HERE!

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Just in case you missed the big Marquette news while visions of sugarplums were dancing in your head over the holiday break, let's get you up to speed:


That might not seem like momentous news to you, but bear in mind that the semester break hasn't exactly been kind to YOUR Golden Eagles in the last two years. Back in 2009, freshman forward and uber-recruit Jeronne Maymon -- and The Most Helicoptery of All Helicopter Parents, Tim Maymon -- bailed on the team on December 14. Then, last season, freshman guard Reggie Smith didn't report back for duty after the holiday break; instead, Smith and his stepdad showed up in Buzz Williams' office and told Buzz that Reggie wanted out. (Or at least Reggie's stepdad wanted him out.)

This year, though, everybody made their flight, everybody caught their train, everybody got back on the bus, according to MU Athletics' Twitter feed. Which is awesome, of course, because I'd much rather spend the rest of 2011 talking about Vanderbilt and Villanova instead of trying to figure out why there's an annual jailbreak at the turn of the year.

Welcome back, everybody. Let's go to work.