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12.5 Morning Coffee: Suck It Bucky Edition

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Damn you Michigan State for not making Saturday a Badger sweep. Didn't realize a glancing blow to a kicker was a penalty. It'll be nice watching Oregon drop 50 points on the Badgers.

For Marquette to go into the Kohl Center and beat UW without their starting point guard? Unbelievable. You think UW beats Marquette at the Bradley Center without Jordan Taylor? Not a chance. UNC gave MU the blueprint: suffocate Taylor at the point and the body falls apart. The defense the Warriors displayed in Madison on Saturday was something to behold.

Kudos to the three freshmen: Derrick Wilson for killer defense, Todd Mayo for some timely points and Juan "hope it wasn't the Marcum game" Anderson with five rebounds.

Sometimes you can't always rely on numbers: 7 assists, 13 turnovers, 3 steals, 2 three pointers and Jae only scored 2 points. And yet Marquette won handily. The finally tally was a seven point win, but it really wasn't that close. Marquette was in control pretty much the entire game.

Lastly: suck it Badgers. If you care enough to tweet, it does matter.

Bring on the real UW Tuesday in NYC.

Since Alabama couldn't beat LSU at 'Bama, they get another shot on a neutral site. #blowuptheBCS. Up yours, Saban.

OK, time to stop the 3 goggles. (via wake up call)

Hate Christmas music? You'll enjoy this.

Huh. Darlene Connor is dating the lady from 4-Non Blondes.


The Dude is all kinds of awesome.

Yikes, never piss off a woman.

A kids song about opposable thumbs.

Mary Ann has still got it.

This guy works for us now. That is awesome.

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