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Your Post-Game Jubilation Thread: No. 11/11 Marquette 79, Washington 77

It's late, and I can't stay up until 12:30 for the recap tonight, but I'm not going to leave y'all without a place to celebrate YOUR Golden Eagles last-second victory over a very, very, very good Washington Huskies team that I hope is on the other side of the bracket come March.

Your hero of the night, of course, is Jae Crowder, whose three-ball from the corner was pure with five seconds to go. And since sources close to me reveal that Marquette radio broadcaster (and Big Lebowski enthusiast) Jim McIlvaine took my advice and worked in a "THIS AGGRESSION WILL NOT STAND, MAN!" in the second half of tonight's game, your Post-Game Jubilation video is The Dude, with one simple question (it's right at the end, if you're an Impatient Polly, and my apologies for the poor feed -- it's the best I could do on short notice):

Ring out ahoya