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2.10 Morning Coffee: Ugly Wins > Ugly Losses Edition

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For those of you wondering what Rubie looks like, here you go.

The awesome Smoking Popes have a new song out.

Why Do Girls Love Horses, Unicorns And Dolphins? NPR tackles the hard hitting questions of the day.

I fall under the Senior Citizen on this graphic.

Look! An interesting hockey game: 14 goals and 187 penalty minutes.

Sadly, this satire on the NCAA probably isn't too far off.

This is the best video you'll watch all day.

Another annoying hipster list.

Poor Ernie Hudson.

Will Arnett on The Office?

There is a good concert tonight.

Game Thoughts:
- First off: read Rubie's recap. It's better than anything I'm about to write.
- That was the ugliest bunch of ugly I think I've even seen.
- Still, a road win is a win and it's better to be 6-5 than 5-6. Look, 'Nova just lost on the road turned in an epic bed-shitting against Rutgers last night. Heck, the Rodents barely beat a terribly terrible Iowa team yesterday. They're happy with ugly wins all the time.
- Why is Joe Fulce even attempting more 3 pointers than DJO?
- I really need to get off Twitter during the games, people whine way to much on the Internet.
- I think more fans attend UW-Parkside basketball games than go to USF games.
- Vander's broke on offense (even his FT shooting), but I'll take his 6 boards any day of the week.
- Dear Head of NCAA Officiating: Please put Jim Burr out to pasture.
- Fouling with 1.8 seconds left? Um, sounds like most players/coaches now agree that was a terrible idea. Why it was considered in the first place is beyond me.
- Georgetown isn't nearly as terrible as USF is, so we're gonna need a full 40 minutes, not just the final 14.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Rubie's fine game recap.
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The Tampa Bay paper had a photographer there.

Random Music Video: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors