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#11/11 Georgetown 69, Marquette 60

Let's start with the good news, shall we?

1) KenPom had this predicted as a 26% chance of victory for our Marquette Golden Eagles. The games to get to 11-7 in Big East play are still very much in front of this team.

2) Georgetown Hoyas F Hollis Thompson is a 47% three point shooter on the season and he was held to 1 of 4.

3) Davante Gardner was able to throw his Mike Patrick approved 290 pound freshman frame around to score 12 points in just 10 minutes of play. Only 2 rebounds, but both were on the offensive end, so I'll let that slide.

Bad news:

1) Hollis Thompson made up for his shooting by grabbing ELEVEN 2nd half rebounds to finish with 13. That's "Best Rebounder In The Country" type numbers from a guy averaging just 4.4 rebounds a game.

2) When a team has a 9 point lead with 2:33 remaining in the first half, and then that team ends up losing by 9, the justifiably quick and easy explanation is that there was a massive defensive breakdown in the 2nd half. This was not the case in this game. Georgetown shot 11-26 (42.3%) in the first half and 12-28 (42.9%) in the second half. The Hoyas just kept on doing what they do, and Marquette did just as effective of a job stopping them in the 2nd half as in the 1st half.

The fact of the matter is that when you shoot 7-20 (35%) after a 13-30 (43.3%) first half and turn the ball over 10 times in the 2nd half, you're not winning a lot of ballgames. And that's exactly what happened.

3) I'm not going to get into wide ranging examples of refereeing inequity, especially when Marquette shot 9 more free throws (and missed all of them) than Georgetown did. But I will point at the picture I chose to go with this article, and then point at my admittedly crappy iPhone picture of my TV screen displaying Darius Johnson-Odom after draining a three point basket, and then I will point at the picture going along with the game recap that Rubie wrote for the UConn game. Only one of these men was issued a technical foul. Draw your own conclusions.

Awards and a look ahead after the jump:

Jimmy Butler Player Of The Game: Not a lot to choose from here, really. I'll go with DJO. 20 points, 3 rebounds, and he did what a good shooter should do after how he ended the South Florida game: He made all four free throws that he attempted.

Joe Fulce Undersung Eagle Of The Game: I would love to give it to Ox since he hasn't played 10 minutes or scored in double digits since December, but given the score when he picked up his fourth (41-38 MU) and fifth (54-50 GTown) fouls, I really can't bring myself to do it. Luckily, the 6 point, 9 rebound output with a block and just 2 fouls in 25 minutes from Chris Otule qualifies here.

Play Of The Game: This one is easy. Jae Crowder's block on Henry Sims which turned into a runout for Jimmy Butler who made the unselfish and actually easier play of passing to DJO for the dunk to give the Golden Eagles a 37-33 lead early in the 2nd half.

Up Next: The St. John's Red Storm come off a 2 point road win against Cincinnati this afternoon where the Johnnies didn't register a field goal for the last 8:58 of the game and nearly blew a 12 point lead in the process. They'll be in the Bradley Center on Tuesday night at 8pm Central for what is now probably a must win game for the Golden Eagles to keep NCAA Tournament hopes alive.