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2.14 Morning Coffee: VD Edition

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For most of you, this sums up today. NPR gives you the real deal.

I didn't watch the Grammy Awards. I'm assuming I didn't miss anything.

I went to Disney on Ice yesterday. $10 for a slushie, and $15 for a slushie plus flashing light thingamabob. Damn you, Walt.

Carl Spackler won a Pro-Am.

Beer Marshmallows? Oh. Hell. Yes.

It's a Frap! (h/t klwillis45)

Interesting story behind Semisonic's hit Closing Time.

It's been 20 years since a damn fine TV show premiered.

I don't blame the guy, I'd be upset too.

One of the guys from the Visa Super Bowl ads died.

For those of you who care about no talent bands, Radiohead's new album is available Saturday.

A nice playlist made by Dizziepeanut.

Wisconsin Basketball: it's (allegedly) spit-tastic!

Georgetown Game Thoughts:
- I'm not worried about the missed free throws.
- I will never expect officials to make the right calls, ever. I've given up.
- Junior needs to be the starting PG from here on out. Buycks off the bench, please.
- Five total assists is nothing short of pathetic.
- JMFB's assist to DJO for the dunk was wicked.
- 16% from 3 point land isn't going to get you anywhere.
- Didn't expect Marquette to win. Not upset over the loss. Beat St. John's we're OK. Lose, then I start to worry.

Marquette Basketball links:
BrewTownAndy has his fine first recap here.
Rosiak's game story and blog post.
Cracked Sidewalks with Today In Perspective: All Marquette's road losses are to top-25 RPI teams.
Casual Hoya recap.
More links than I care to share: Casual Hoya has a bunch of links.
MUTV Sports recap.
Washington Post recap.
Not sure why I'm linking to it, but here's a Bleacher Report article on MU.
AP Game story.
Today in Badger Loser-dom: My team just beat the #1 ranked team in the country, so, of course, I'll spend my Sunday hating on MU.

Random Music Video: Hayden - Bad As They Seem