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Wednesday's forecast: Gloomy

Lots of emotions flying the past 12 hours in the Marquette community and I'm sure there will be much discussion over the next couple days about the state of Marquette basketball. Before yesterday's game and eventual 2nd half sleep walk, it was pretty much a consensus that MU was tournament bound regardless of the previous 3 road efforts at Villanova, USF, and Georgetown. All MU had to do was "take care of business" at home and maybe win 1 of the final 2 roadies. After last night, however, I'm a changed man. I don't think this team is at a level where home games versus middle to lower level Big East teams are expected W's. Rather, I now think that even home games against the likes of Cincinnati, Providence, and Seton Hall are now more of a coin toss. That said, there is ALOT of work left to make the Field of 68. So on this all too gloomy Wednesday, open up.....and tell me how you feel.