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Wednesday Morning Hot Chocolate: SNOW DAY Edition

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You look cold, kids.  Take a break from shoveling and enjoy this piping hot cup of Wednesday Morning Hot Chocolate.

Not only is it the Snowpocalpyse today, it's also Groundhog Day.  Here are twelve things you probably didn't know about the Bill Murray classic.

Take heart, struggling artists: even if you're on a show like You Can't Do That on Television, you can go on to a successful music career.

Farrah: rowr.

Professor Chang ... in blackface?  Oh boy.  This isn't going to end well.  But this might.

Oregon Trail on FacebookYour oxen have received a friend request.

Fresh Out of the Oven Marquette Basketball Links:

Random Music Video: Justin Roberts: Snow Day.  And if you like it, the Admiral sez you can download a free copy of the song here.