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2.25 Morning Coffee: Back in the Saddle Edition

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The wolfpack is back.

Cocaine does some amazing things.

Jack White promises to not start any new bands.

Breast Milk Ice Cream.

And this is why Nebraska is awesome.

Sorry kid: that's the wrong answer.

Check out Tim Burton's rejection letter from Disney.

Bel Biv Devoe is back in action.

Old guys with light sabers.

Game Thoughts:
- Are they dancing yet? Probably. Assuming they don't sh*t the bed anytime over the next 8 days. Marquette could probably survive a loss to Cinci, but not to Providence or Seton Hall.
- I know it worked, but I don't understand not fouling with 20 seconds to go.
- My first hangover in 2011 comes courtesy of #mubb, thanks guys.
- Did you see it? Vander made a basket and had ZERO turnovers. Behold the power of the headband.
- Jae can be 0-3 from 3 point land if he keeps grabbing 11 boards per game.
- I'm becoming less and less worried about Junior running the team next season.
- Not sure what EWill did to earn the start, but I'm guessing that's the last time that happens.

Marquette Basketball Links:
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The Hartford Courant says that UConn came apart at the seams at the worst possible time.

Random Music Video: LCD Soundsystem & The Muppets