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Saturday Open Thread

There are loads of important games today, so swing by and leave your comments.

Key games include Syracuse-Georgetown, St. John's-Villanova, BYU-San Diego State and Kentucky-Florida.  There are also important bubble matchups like Duke-Virginia Tech, Memphis-UTEP and Loyola-Butler.

Maybe the Aztecs can improve on their impressive 0-1 record against the RPI Top 25.  I know I will be rooting for our Jesuit brothers-in-arms against the annoying orange menace from American Siberia.  I wonder how many threads are dedicated to complaining about Georgetown's ticket policies on the Cuse blog.

By the way, Lunardi has a new bracket out and Marquette is up to a 10 seed in Tucson versus Temple with San Diego St waiting in the second round.  Sign me up for that.