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2.28 Morning Coffee: DP Edition

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Oscar Red Carpet photos.

Awesome Christian Bale, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson mega-rant.

No respect for Corey Haim and Peter Graves.

Well done, male Louisville cheerleader.

Unite like Thundercats!


Shock the Shockers.

The new Smoking Popes album is streaming.

Nothing defines 'Russia & Olympics' more than a fuzzy bunny and a leopard with a snowboard.

Exactly what you would expect since it's nearly St. Patrick's Day.

What could be worse than a bronze Fonz statue? Kansas City is trying to top it.

Game Thoughts:
- I'll take a 10/2 assist-to-turnover ratio, 10 points and 6 rebounds from our PG every single day of the week.
- Just call him Dwight Buycks - Turnover Machine. I'm glad Rubie decided against making those "I Likes Buycks" T-shirts.
- Where did the Chris Otule of old go? Wait, I don't want to know, I like the new Otule.
- Jae Crowder is a beast on the boards. Still hoping he finds his 3 point stroke.
- Erik Williams looked much, much better. I'll take that performance anytime.
- Shame on the students. That was a truly pathetic turnout. Second to last game on a Sunday afternoon and you barely fill the lower bowl?
- Dear Notre Dame: That's how you play defense against Marshon Brooks.
- Someone please put Jim Burr out to pasture. I loved Buzz's reaction when Burr gave him a warning to get back in the coaches box. Hilarious.
- Did you know? MU ranks 3rd in attendance in the Big East. Only Syracuse and Louisville average more.
- Now comes Cinci, fresh off a loss against UConn. It's senior night folks, do it for JMFB.

Marquette Basketball Links:
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Rosiak's blog post and game recap.
Cracked Sidewalks looks at the Big East tie-breakers.
Providence Journal recaps the lack of a Friars effort.
Marshon Brooks was held in check.
Chicago Tribune had a story on MU last Friday.

Random Music Video: Radiohead - Weapon of Choice