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2.3 Morning Coffee: Lip Up Fatty Edition

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Shoveled out of the snow yet? Thank god I have neighbor with a kick-ass snow blower. I had 6 foot snow drifts at my front door. Unreal.

A year ago today, I killed off The Daily Drink.

Brewers fans are happy as Rosiak replaces Witrado.

Some hot women tell you what to do for Valentine's Day.

White Stripes called it quits.

12 potential new Lois Lane's.

Happy Birthday Elmo.

Best Valentine's Day candy ever?

No wonder the kids signed with Bama.

Sarah Shahi, is still very attractive.

100 songs that apparently every annoying hipster should have on their ipod.

My quick and irrelevant game thoughts:
- Buycks had more turnovers than assists. Junior had 1 assist. Our PG play killed the team last night.
- Being 3-16 from beyond the arc, killed the team last night.
- Worst. Announcers. Ever. I'm glad they took :15 seconds of prep time to not even know the name of our starters.
- How many times does JMFB drive to basket, get molested, and yet no call is made.
- As soon as Otule picked up his 2nd foul, the team seemed completely out of sync.
- Second straight road game where the opponent shot twice as many free throws.
- That first half was the ugliest I've seen this team play in a long time.
- After the early gauntlet, we sit at 5-5. Bring on the 'cupcakes'.

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Random Music Video: Bad Manners - Lip Up Fatty!