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2.7 Morning Coffee: Ted Was Right Edition

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Wow, Alex Rodriguez is an even bigger p*ssy than we thought.

NFL as soccer jerseys. I don't hate them.

Best mugshot of the day.

RIP Tura Santana and your fantastic boobs.

For the first time in forever, Kenny Mayne actually made me laugh.

No really, Sarah Shahi is smoking hot.

ESPN are idea thieves.

Seriously the CEO from M&I is a grade A a** clown.

10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make In A Coffee Maker. (h/t Basque)

Super Bowl Thoughts:
- Ted was right. I would really hate to be a Favre fan/Thompson hater today. Ted was right. Ted & Mike looked at Favre and said "He can't do it anymore. He's not taking us back to the Super Bowl" Ted was right. Packers fans are happy today and Favre fans aren't. Which makes this one even sweeter. Ted was right. As my wife said this at least 10 times last night "Suck it, Favre" Ted. Was. Right.
- Last night, I have no doubt that Dave Begel was in the corner, in the fetal position crying profusely.
- I didn't hate the halftime show as much as other people. It sucked less than The Who.
- I loved the Groupon - Tibet commercial.
- Yet again, I hated all the Bud ads. Tiny Dancer? Although it was nice to see Peter Stormare getting some work.
- Aaron Rodgers writes his own legend.
- USA Today Vince would have loved it.
- NY Times: Rodgers on his own.
- "You must be great" and Rodgers is.
- 4 plays that clinched the victory.
- Wow, this one bitter Steelers fan.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Really? The Athletic Dept. actually spent money on that. Pathetic.
Korie Lucious to MU? based on our guard play, I don't have a problem with it.
Should Marquette press more?
Have you seen the Big East standings? A jumbled mess. A couple wins would be huge for #mubb.
Warrior Sport has a midseason report card.

Random Music Video: Ozomatli - Super Bowl Sundae