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2.9 Morning Coffee: ABA 3D Edition

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Milwaukee Blast? They're kidding right? Check out the ABA rules. 3-D? WTF!

The United States of Good Beer.

Ariel as a hipster.

Olivia Wilde is back on the market.

Pluto tells NASA off. Pluto is a planet.

A great read on Korn & Limp Bizkit even if you hate them.

A favorite of the Admiral, Sean McCann just released a new album.

I may have done this yesterday in the office.

A curling bar in Nebraska.

Hip hop for kids, with a free giveaway.

If you use Charlie Sheen as a verb, I'm gonna link to your video. (maybe NSFW words)

Marquette Basketball Links:
Andy Glockner: I know this team better than my own kids.
Cracked Sidewalks is rightfully worried about Seton Hall.
Rosiak wrote about the lack of playing time for Williams & Jones.
Todd also wrote about previous misfortunes at South Florida.
Mini preview of the game from Tampa Bay Online.
USF lacks a scoring punch.
For those of you who choose to gamble.
Ken Pom has the game as a win.
Accuscore has MU as a 74% favorite.
LA Times: Watch out for Marquette.
Start prepping for Madness.
Yawn, another Smarmy Tom Crean story.

Random Music Video: Drown in the Now (via Chad Schomber)