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3.10 Morning Coffee: Bi-Winning Edition

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D.J.O. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
D.J.O. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Local band Maritime have a new video out which was filmed during the blizzard.

Another example of Big East being better than the Big 10. iPod touch > a scarf.

Kanye West is coming to town.

Chuck Norris is 71. He doesn't blow out candles, they blow him. (via fark)

Gonzo: still Charlie Sheen-esque crazy. "I'm a winner." Only in your own mind, Champ.

Disney Princesses all sexed up.

Lost fans: Hipster Locke.

Niki Taylor? Still hot.

Voltron movie is back on.

Thank you Jim Burr and Tim Higgins for digging your own grave. Enjoy reffing Summit League games next year. Your reign of terror is over!

Game Thoughts:
- The ticket to the dance has been punched. Call off the dogs and rest the legs? I mean, I'm not sure how much higher Marquette can raise its seed in the NCAA tournament. Will a win over Louisville really move them off of a 8/9 game? I hate Louisville just as much as anyone, but I don't see W being a huge difference maker.
- Junior may not have a jump shot, but he sure can get to the basket.
- There is no better time than March for bit players to come up big.
- Jimmy was quiet on the offensive end, but was pure hell on defense.
- Kudos to the coaches and the team for adjusting to the 1-3-1 defense WVU threw at them.
- The combination of Otule and Gardner in the paint is going to be force in the coming years.
- Buycks tried everything in his power to find a way for MU to lose in the final minute.
- Joe Fulce made the most of his 2 minutes: 3 points, 2 boards. Well done, Joe.
- Six straight seasons going to the NCAA Tournament. I'll take it.

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Random Music Video: 311 week rolls on - Beautiful Disaster