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Big East Tournament Early Games: Day the Third

Got another full menu for you today, basketball fans:

As an amuse bouche, we're featuring a really nice sorbet of Husky and Panther, as No. 19 UConn takes the floor against a well-rested No. 3 Pitt squad.  You might remember that Pitt smacked UConn around at the Pete in the Big East opener for both teams. That game feels like it was played three years ago, so we'll see if Kemba and Co. get their revenge today.

For your next course, we're featuring some really nice Orange slices: it's St. John's, fresh off its referee-assisted travesty against Rutgers, vs. the Orange People of Lower Canada. (That's 'Cuse, if that was too obtuse for you).  In many conferences, a matchup of the 18th and 11th ranked teams in the nation wouldn't be seen until the championship game. In the Big East, that's the third round.

Your protein course has some really nice, spicy Bearcat and a slow-cooked Irish stew: at 6:00 p.m., we bring in the professionals -- er, we peel Raf and Bilas away from the bar -- for Cincinnati vs. No. 4 Notre Dame.

And for dessert, of course, we've got a really nice Scotch and bird combo, as YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles battle pasta-and-pork lovin' Rick Pitino and his Louisville Cardinals.  We'll open the Game Thread at about 7:30 again, so make your reservations now.

Buon appetito.