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3.11 Morning Coffee: Gassed Edition

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The Admiral looks mean in this picture.

This Muppet chart is pretty awesome.

A guy I went to High School with produced this track featuring 50 Cent.

Greatest Keg Ever?

I didn't know Gallagher was even still alive.

Well, doesn't this look awful.

Man chooses only beer and water for Lent.

Nope, this guy is completely insane.

Kemba Walker - Stone Cold Killa.

Mike Marra doesn't understand these tattoos.

Game Thoughts:
- As I said yesterday, time to rest the legs. No shame in that lost last night. The guys will get a solid week off. Revenge would have been nice, but a win over Louisville still probably wouldn't have moved MU to a 7 seed. They're squarely on the 8/9 range.
- When Louisville was putting full court pressure right from the start, you knew exactly what they were trying to do.
- I love this team, but I'm getting tired of them yelling "AND ONE" every time they get fouled. Namely you Jae, when you can't make the shot, nor get the foul call.
- Jamail Jones led the team with 7 rebounds and had 2 steals. Way to make the most of your minutes kid.
- Mike Marra is the new Eric Devendorf.
- Is there a better broadcast team than Jay Bilas, Bill Rafterty and Sean McDonough? Me thinks not.

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Like all good things, it appears CBS is screwing with their coverage.

Random Music Video: 311 week comes to a close - Do You Right. Filmed at the Omaha Zoo!