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And thanks for stopping by this afternoon. Before we start, please: help yourself to punch and pie.

It was four score less four score and one year ago today that Anonymous Eagle was loosed upon the unsuspecting Internets. In that time, we:

  • Saw Rubie give up on Marquette's season (approximately) 17 times;
  • Convinced Todd Rosiak to start a Twitter account;
  • Gave Smarmy Tom Crean a new nickname;
  • Chided the students to attend Senior Night ... with negligible results;
  • Lazily used Miller High Life as the Beer of the Game five times;
  • Saw the biggest three-day spike of traffic come from posts about Nebraska football (thanks, Huskers);
  • Made roughly 1200 jokes related to ulcers / Pepto Bismol / heart attacks;
  • Churned out enough BADGER HATE to fuel a zeppelin;
  • Linked to about 139 indie rock bands that no one but the Admiral has ever heard of;
  • Berated three people into participating on the blog;
  • Ate our weight in bratwurst.

(That last one has nothing to do with the blog. That's just a standard year for this crew.)

Anyway, let's keep the good times rolling into Year 2. Thanks again to SBN for hosting our nonsense; to our fellow SBN bloggers, the vast majority of whom are extraordinarily cool, helpful people; and to everyone who's stopped by over the last year. Smooches to all of you.