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T Minus 4.5 Hours: Your Selection Sunday Open Thread

Take a seat Buzz.  Things are out of your hands now.  #ontheclock
Take a seat Buzz. Things are out of your hands now. #ontheclock

Today is the day, ladies and gentlemen: the most nerve wracking, anticipated day in the sports calendar. Fortunately, your Marquette Golden Eagles appear to be on solid footing heading into the bracket reveal.  We have three questions that need answering and Mr Kensington is nursing a hangover, so I will fill in.  Who?  Where?  When?  The internet gives us many people with many opinions to whet your appetite.  Here's what they have to say.

  • Joe Lunardi has Marquette as a 9 seed facing off against Utah St in Tulsa.  Tyshawn Taylor and Kansas would await in the second round
  • Andy Glockner has Marquette as a 10 seed playing Tennessee in Tucson.  San Diego State would be the likely 2nd round opponent
  • Jerry Palm has Marquette as an 8 playing UCLA in Cleveland.  Ohio St is the probable second round opponent
  • The Sporting News has MU as a 9.  They don't project opponents or locales but the 8's are Washington, Villanova, Missouri and UCLA
  • Bracketology 101 has MU as a 8 against George Mason in Cleveland.  Big, bad Ohio St would be the second round opponent
  • Blogging the Bracket has MU as a 9 seed facing Washington in Tulsa.  Kansas would be the 2nd round foe
  • If you are into quantity over quality, The Bracket Matrix has MU as a 9 seed among the 17 brackets they have updated today.

Of these, Glockner has the most friendly draw. Of the listed first round opponents, I really don't want to play George Mason, Tennessee or Washington. For second round opponents, I don't want a damn thing to do with Ohio St and, to a lesser extent, Kansas. My prediction is that MU will be an 8 or 9 seed (does it matter which?) in Cleveland with a second round bludgeoning looming against Ohio St if MU can get past the first round opponent.