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3.14 Morning Coffee: Madness Edition

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Welcome to Madness, kids! It's gonna be a hell of a ride.

The Bucks had a rodent-like performance yesterday.

These women are not ugly, but one is sadly dead.

TV shows that survived a cast member leaving.

The guy who wrote 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' died.

This is not the Cookie Monster I grew up with.

Duckie was kind of funny.

The lack of Judgment Night makes this list invalid.

This happened to me this weekend.

The phrase 'Hit That" has a double meaning with this model.

No more talking, lady, I want to see it. And by "it" I mean sweater puppies.

The Admiral's Half-Witted Bracket Thoughts, Brought To You By Our Corporate Champion, Swanson's Frozen Calamari
(not really):
- Dear Marquette Athletics and Time Warner Cable: get the TruTV HD feed ready by Friday night or there will be hell to pay.
- The NCAA committee makes Tim Higgins and Jim Burr seem like knowledgeable people. This committee is clueless. "Style of play" is now a consideration? What the frack does that mean? And how does a team that scored less than 35 points on Friday still get a 4 seed? Some teams are rewarded for conference tournament play and others aren't. There is no rhyme or reason to their rationale. None. Jesus, they pull sh*t out of their a$$, look at Lunardi's bracket and make a couple changes. I mean, this is the same group of people who brought you the BCS. [Rubie sez: I don't think that's true.] Only they NCAA could screw this up. Well done.
- Whoever represents the Big 10 on the committee is doing a hell of a job. Michigan, Michigan St, Illinois, and PSU with a combined 6 Top 25 RPI wins, Marquette with 5 on its own. Jim Delany, go f*ck yourself.
- Pitting the potential for the Big East to eat their own prior to the Sweet 16 is completely wrong.
- Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe gave one last parting shot to Colorado by not being a bigger advocate to the Committee. Thankfully the conference will be dissolved in less that 5 years.
- Gus Johnson in Cleveland? Oh. Hell. Yes.
- For the first time in ages, MU is within driving distance, yet I still won't be going. Damn family birthday parties.
- I was in Orlando last year for the game against Xavier. Lazar was a monster, dropping 27 in that game. They were even with about 5 minutes to go and MU pulled away pretty quickly at the end.
- The team leaves for Cleveland on Tuesday afternoon.
- Last, but not least: Go Belmont!

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Random Music Video: A song I always think of during tournament time, Madness - One Step Beyond