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An Anonymous Eagle Podcast? TOURNAMENT EDITION

It's the TOURNAMENT EDITION of the AnonyPod (but, sadly, I couldn't find a download of the NBA Jam "BOOMSHAKALAKA!" to use to bleep our swears, so we continue with the ol' dependable foghorn. Alas), and Warrior Brad, Mr. Kensington and Rubie give you forty minutes of Hell, as we covered: the newly-minuted "Buzz to Team X?" rumors; the addition of Todd Mayo to the 2011 recruiting class; the Big East Tournament and Marquette's never-ending affair with the bubble; and a special "It Could Be Worse," featuring everybody's favorite, much-chagrined former South Florida coach.  Also featured: Rubie makes the case for Junior Cadougan as team MVP -- for this year AND next year -- and we bid a not-so-fond farewell to Tim Higgins and Jim Burr.

As always: we apologize in advance.  Especially for Warrior Brad's references to a certain Milwaukee journalist at the end of the podcast.