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Your Wednesday Play-In Game, Er, NCAA First Round Open Thread

We're almost to the real thing, but we've still got one more night of warmup action before the Real First Round of the Big East Invitational.  Like I said yesterday, we're celebrating March Twelve-Days-of-Christmas style, so enjoy your two turtle doves tonight.  I hear they go well with a Béarnaise sauce.

On the docket tonight:

Jack Ford and Jack Ford's gorgeous hair (are they still on truTV?) take a back seat to Texas-San Antonio and Alabama State in a Southern-fried battle to earn the right to be decleated by Ohio State and Jared Sullinger.  Just like last night, the action tips at 5:30 p.m. CDT.

After that, at about 8:00 p.m. CDT (or half-an-hour after UTSA and ALST), we've got Round 2 of the Thom Yorke Memorial "I Don't Belong Here" Extravaganza, with the Rams of Virginia Commonwealth sneaking onto the floor to lock horns with (a hopefully-sober) Kevin O'Neill and Southern Cal.  Let's hope that VCU turns in a better performance than its clunker in its loss to SOUTH FREAKING FLORIDA earlier this year.

Enjoy the games.  When you wake up tomorrow, there will be real games under the tree.