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3.18 Morning Coffee: Game Day Edition

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It's Friday.

The Admiral not being on this is disappointing.

In some work environments, use of pronouns are frowned upon.

Me thinks there is some left over green beer on Water Street today.

Community lives to see another season. Streets Ahead!

Urge to kill continues to grow.

Awesome. (via dizziepeanut)

Batman's butler died.

This needs to happen.

Please note, you can't get these license plates in IL.

Once again we'll have your early games thread here live at 10:45 this morning. Was that a great bunch of games to start the Tourney yesterday? 3 straight buzzer beaters? Hell. Yes. Thanks to reader KD1 for this fine looking Princeton screen cap.

I went 10-6 yesterday. I'm already out 3 sweet sixteen and one elite 8 team. Seriously St. John's, you guys suck. Thanks for destroying my bracket. Overall Big East went 4-2 on opening day. On average the first round will give us 8 upsets. Yesterday only had 3 lower seeds winning. That means you should expect 5 lower seeds winning today. Hopefully one of them is MU. I expect MU to win. They've shut down the likes of Kemba and Marshon. They can contain Tu was well. It's the other guys for Xavier that I'm worried about.

Someone named PLU LUTES is currently leading the Anonymous Eagle bracket.

Rubie is on vacation in AZ and he claims to have caught a foul ball that was headed straight towards his wife's head. Do I believe it? Not really. I'm guessing Rubie punched some 8 yr old girl who caught the ball and he stole it from her.

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Jae is used to tournament time.
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Buzz & Mack talked to the media.
5 things Xavier has to do to beat Marquette.
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Random Music Video: Noah & The Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.