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Your NCAA Tournament Friday Open Thread

You know what makes BASKETBALL CHRISTMAS better than real Christmas?  BASKETBALL CHRISTMAS starts all over again today. It's like yesterday was Christmas Eve, only it was actually Christmas, and now today it's Christmas AGAIN.  (Got that?  Whatever.  You know what I mean.)

The Game Thread for the Jesuit Grudge Match between YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles and the Musketeers of Xavier opens at  4:30 p.m. CDT (if I remember correctly).  Here's your schedule of today's other action:

Matchup Tip Time TV
No. 13 Oakland vs. No. 4 Texas 11:15 CDT CBS
No. 9 Tennessee vs. No 8 Michigan
11:40 CDT truTV
No. 15 Akron vs. No. 2 Notre Dame
12:40 CDT TBS
No. 9 Villanova vs. No. 8 George Mason 1:10 CDT TNT
No. 12 Memphis vs. No. 5 Arizona
1:45 CDT CBS
No. 16 Hampton vs. No. 1 Duke 2:10 CDT truTV
No. 10 Florida State vs. No. 7 Texas A&M
3:10 CDT TBS
No. 16 UTSA vs. No. 1 Ohio State
3:40 CDT TNT
No. 16 Boston vs. No. 1 Kansas
5:50 CDT TBS
No. 15 Long Island vs. No. 2 North Carolina
6:15 CDT
No. 14 St. Peter's vs. No. 3 Purdue
6:20 CDT
No. 11 Marquette vs. No. 6 Xavier
6:30 CDT truTV
No. 9 Illinois vs. No. 8 UNLV
8:20 CDT TBS
No. 10 Georgia vs. No. 7 Washington
8:45 CDT CBS
No. 11 VCU vs. No. 6 Georgetown
8:50 CDT TNT
No. 14 Indiana State vs. No. 3 Syracuse 8:55 CDT truTV

Again: the games I've put in bold are the ones I'll be keeping an eye on, for various reasons (Big East Solidarity being the primary motivator).  And again: your mileage may vary.

Y'all set a good pace yesterday, so once again, your comments are both welcome and expected.  Enjoy the games.