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3.2 Morning Coffee: Senior Night Edition

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True statement.

Charlie Sheen Family Circus.

Wisconsin Poncho. Dude, don't you know?

Like mashups? Download the new White Panda album.

Sawyer from Lost is going to be on Community.

Hipsters be damned, Bob Seger is still going strong.

i don't blame him, chicken patties are awesome.

Stop it Hollywood.

Hottie Body Hump Club? Well done Jimmy Kimmel, well done.

I had no idea Canada had hot women.

Random Thoughts:
Tonight is your last chance to cheer on the team and the 4 seniors:
Do it for Rob: The human victory cigar.
Do it for Dwight: Last time in front of the hometown crowd.
Do it for Joe: A kid who's played on one leg all year, and never once bitched and moaned and said 'woe is me.' Just picked up his lunch pail and went to work.
Do it for Jimmy: JMFB has put in 3 years of hard work, sweat, dedication and singing off key to earn the right to wear the jersey with "Marquette" across the front. The LEAST you can do is sit around for another 15 minutes after the game and give him a round of applause. He's earned that from you. They've all earned that from you. Don't be lame.

Marquette Basketball Links:
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KenPom has this game at 65% win chance for Marquette.
Buzz singing? Sure, I guess.
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Rosiak with story on the seniors and a blog post on Buzz hoping to win on Senior Day.
Big East power rankings.
Big East is going to get 11 teams in.

Random Music Video: Smoking Popes - Punk Band