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3.23 Morning Coffee: Please Stop Edition

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This is what we're up against. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
This is what we're up against. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Rubie was at the zoo, showing off his 3 goggles.

Make sure to vote for our lovely Marquette cheerleaders.

A babe from back in the day, passed away.

NBC goes from bad to god awful.

What happened to the kid on the album cover?

Man trains for marathon only eating McDonalds.

This is just depressing.

No more movie popcorn for me.

Marquette Links:
Dear Spanish O'Donnells. For all that is holy in this world - PLEASE STOP. The first video was sort of clever. Joe Fulce, please don't let these clowns back in your studio.
The team left for Newark yesterday.
From NC newspaper: DJO is living the dream.
Rosiak: Tar Heels back on top.
NY Post: Marquette is a bunch of junkyard dogs who scrap and claw and bite you in the sneaker.
Marquette is no pushover.
NBE: Enjoy this magical time.
Chicago Tribune: MU isn't playing like outsiders.
Buzz isn't sleeping.
Yahoo Sports: No way Marquette wins both games.
Sporting News: Marquette found a way to win.
Plenty of star power still left, none of whom play for Marquette.
If Oklahoma wants Buzz Williams, it's gonna take straight cash homey.
Wesley Matthews got pwned last night.
Tar Heels are used to close games too.
How's you doing in the AE Bracket Challenge.
MU Women fought with all their heart.

Random Music Video: Band of Horses - Dilly