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3.25 Morning Coffee: Tar Heels Evil. Must Be Destroyed Edition

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North Carolina is evil, must be destroyed.

There is really only one thing better than Schadenfreude. It's called Badger Schadenfreude. It's not like Butler outplayed them, the Rodents just played awful, awful basketball. Of course, it's the refs in the first two minutes of the game who are to blame.

Non-ugly women, international edition.

The band Gomez is offering up a free download.

John Legend is really good.

Go figure, Deep Purple is still around.

Admiral Ackbar's meaningless game thoughts:
Everything from here on out is icing on the cake. Do we have a chance? Absolutely. Likely? TBD. I won't be crushed if we lose. It's been a fun, unexpected ride. Make no mistake, I want to win this game. The spread is Tar Heels -4.5 and I honestly thought it would be higher. Expect to see Marquette work like heck to get the ball into Otule at the start of the game. We won't be able to run against the Tar Heels and they have a height advantage. Controlling the tempo for MU is vital. However, this game is winnable. Very winnable. I expect to see us playing on Sunday. See you then.

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Brad Stevens is beating Buzz and I'm fine with that.
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Random Music Video: U2