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3.3 Morning Coffee: JMFB Deserved Better Edition

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For those of you who might remotely care, I'll be the featured Q & A over at Pocket Doppler later today. It should post at around 1:30. I talk SportsBubbler, Marquette, Nebraska football and booze.

Here's a Q & A with the guy who made me want to write.

The Charlie Sheen pyramid of greatness.

Despite no Quisp, this list is awesome.

I really don't blame the kids, I'd be staring too.

Apparently there is a Meat Hall of Fame.

Least shocking news ever?

Hollywood, keep beating that dead horse.

The Cubs are already fighting in the dugout.

Christina Ricci is coming back to TV.

The 20 'best' covers of REM songs.

With names like that, this has to be a made up story, right?

Game Thoughts:
- Well done students, too bad it had to come via public shaming. I wrote that prior to the game assuming they'd show up. I walked in right at tip only to see just a few scattered bodies in the upper deck. Shameful. Also, shame to all the sweater vests who left with time still on the clock. JMFB deserved better from you.
- Jimmy Butler deserved better from his teammates last night. Everyone else on the team (except Vander) was standing around flat footed on both ends of the court. Jimmy was fearless last night. The rest of the team played scared from start to finish. Jae, DJO, Junior - I hope you were taking notes. Jimmy just showed how to play like a man.
- Our 3 point shooting continues to be broke. I don't remember the last time we made more than four 3 pointers.
- Cincy is no slouch. They won at Georgetown and beat Louisville. This Chicken Little attitude after a lose against a quality opponent bewilders me. Fans were acting the same way after the St. John's loss. That team isn't as bad as people thought are they?
- If Mick Cronin says "Anybody who goes 9-9 or better in this league should be in. Period. End of story. Especially this year." I must be true, right?
- Final test is Seton Hall on Saturday. Seton Hall has lost 7 games at home this season. They HAVE to win that game.
- We sit at 9-8 in Big East play. You know who else is? Villanova and UConn. You Chicken Little's need to have some perspective.

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Props to BrewTownAndy for making some great signs last night.
What? Really?

Random Music Video: Elastica - Connection