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An Anonymous Eagle Podcast? Wrap Up Rap Edition

It's the Wrap Up Rap Edition of the AnonyPod -- actual rapping, fortunately, was kept to a minimum, save for Rubie humming a few bars of "Regulate" in an effort to educate Warrior Brad about the life and times of the recently-departed Nate Dogg -- and we had a lot to cover from the last two weeks: the triumphs over Xavier and Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament, the fall to North Carolina in the Sweet Sixteen, Coach Buzz's new deal (and our plea to SBN for a rollover contract for Anonymous Eagle), and our year-end It Could Be Worse.  It might not seem like a lot of topics, but the boys had a lot to say after a week hiatus.

As always: we apologize in advance.  Especially to the fine people of Oklahoma who are still looking for a coach someone to talk to them regarding their coaching vacancy.