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3.8 Morning Coffee: Mardi Gras Edition

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Mardi Gras = Regrets.

Mumford & Sons on a train? Hell yes.

Sometimes I feel like I'm working on one of these computers.

Big Head Todd woke up the astronauts this morning.

Meet a young Chewbacca.

Jared beat the clown.

23 free tracks available on iTunes today.

Remember when MTV played music? That was awesome.

Look out parents; Baby Loves Disco is coming next week ... to a whiskey bar. Only in Milwaukee.

How drunk do you have to be to hit the second floor of a house with your car? This drunk.

Game Notes:
Um, beat Providence.

Marquette Links:
MU will win tonight because JMFB RT'd something I said.
The 15th floor of The Westin hotel in Indianapolis is where the magic happens.
Congrats to Jerel McNeal who signed a 10 day contract w/ the Hornets.
Warrior Brad's Bubble Watch.
Media asks the questions, MU posts the answers.
Providence newspaper story and is Keno on his way out?
Palm has MU as an 11 seed.
The University has a bunch of other bracket links.
Rosiak's chat transcript.
West Virginia thinks they have a pretty good line to the title.
SB Nation NY looks at MU.

Random Music Video: 311 Week: Flowing, featuring the dude from American Pie.