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Big East Tournament Early Games: Day the Second

Let's get crazy and make another memory today.
Let's get crazy and make another memory today.

The fun starts at 11:00 a.m. CST this morning, as eighth-seeded (and 21st-ranked) Georgetown renews hostilities with ninth-seeded (and 22nd-ranked) UConn.  Again: that's the eight and nine seeds in our tournament, both Top 25 teams, playing for the right to match up with first-seeded PITT tomorrow.  I love this conference.

Another note: with Chris Wright still sidelined with a broken hand, Kemba might go for 40 today.  The VOLUME SHOOTER ALERT has been elevated to magenta.  Adjust your schedules accordingly.

After that, it's an old school rivalry, as the St. John's buzzsaw meets Rutgers.  I'm still picking the Johnnies to win the whole shebang.

Before the tip of Marquette's game against West Virginia, we've got the plucky South Florida Bulls locking horns with Cincinnati.  Does USF have anything left in the tank after scaling the mountain against Villanova?  Maybe the Sun Dolls were giving the boys sips of cool water last night after the win.  That'd get me fired up.

Enjoy the games.