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4.11 Morning Coffee: Schwartzel'd Edition

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That jacket clashes with your shirt.
That jacket clashes with your shirt.

Hello America, you've just been Schwartzel'd.

I can't wait for when Mrs. Rubie Q takes over the blog.

Drawback of Mrs Q running the site? She won't link to this.

Seriously people: submit your names for Jim Burr.

The 80's + NBA + Hall & Oates -- with a special 3 goggles appearance!

Good music for a good cause.

Star Wars alphabet poster.

A real life Ariel as a hipster.

Meet the new Zod.

Winnie Cooper has still got it.

Get your old school heavy metal on this morning.

Marquette Basketball Links:
"He's not a wow factor player. He's just a player": JMFB is the MVP of the Portsmouth tourney. His NBA stock keeps rising.
Hey, look at that: we finished #20!
SI's Luke Winn has Marquette at #19 in his preseason poll.
NBC Sports has MU at #23.
Fox Sports Jeff Goodman slates MU at #25.
ESPN's Andy Katz has MU at #14.
A little bit on Juan Anderson.
The Big East helped UConn win the title.
A broadcast review of CBS's coverage of the tourney.
MU alum, Jon Harris, talks about his new gig at Tennessee.
Tony Kimbro is receiving interest from MU.
Pay the college kids.

Random Music Video: Atomic Tom - Lame cover, but not so lame video