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4.18 Morning Coffee

I attended the funeral of a 23 month old girl on Saturday. So sad.

Cowboys & Aliens looks pretty awesome.

Casa De Mi Padre not so much.

And then this just looks stupid.


Despite Rubie's claims, he is not the daddy.

And another Lost actor needed a paycheck.

Rubie won't like this review of the new Foo Fighters record.

And Dave Grohl has a thing for Miss Piggy. And Grover.

I need to start fishing professionally.

I will neither confirm nor deny that my daughter has one of these shirts.

College Football is trying to be even dumber.

If you missed the season video wrap up, here you go:

Marquette Links:
I want to know the 5 clowns who voted for Drunken Hobbit.
Recap of the awards ceremony.
Cracked Sidewalks Rates the raters.
We have a Mike Bargen sighting.
The game against UWGB is tentative for Dec 10th.
Syracuse loses to MU to keep us in business.
Todd Mayo signing is official.
Big East has expansion issues.
How does the Big East add more schools?

Random Music Video: Jimmy Eat World - Rockstar