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Your NCAA National Semifinal Open Thread

There's only two more days before the long winter of our college basketball-less summer begins, so get in while the gettin's good.

Tipping at 5:09 CDT, it's No. 11 seed Virginia Commonwealth tussling with No. 8 Butler in the Battle of Who's Gettin' Paid More.  If, like Mr. Kensington, you're finding it hard to care about this interest, we offer the following over/unders for entertainment purposes only:

  • Clips shown of Gordon Hayward's prayer from last year's title game: 1.5
  • Total points: 134.5
  • Shots taken by VCU's Joey Rodriguez that cause every person watching to wonder "what the hell was he thinking there?": 3.5
  • Number of said shots that Rodriguez makes: 1.5
  • Amount of money Shaka Smart earns in his next contract: $1.5 million
  • 'Hoosiers' references made by Jim and Clark: 2.5
  • Matt Howard fouls: 4.5
  • Matt Howard flops: 5.5

The marquee matchup comes up at about 8:50 CDT, when the fourth-seeded Kentucky Wildcats go to war with the Pride of the Big East, the Fightin' Kembas of No. 3 UConn.  Your O/Us for the nightcap:

  • Points for Kemba Walker: 23.5
  • Replays of Kemba step-back jumpers past and present: 7.5 (C'mon over!)
  • Number of times "Scott Harrelson" and "blue collar" or "hard nosed" are used in the same sentence: 5.5
  • Combined mentions of NCAA investigations/allegations: 8.5
  • Years before John Calipari leaves Kentucky: 4.5
  • Years before the NCAA forces Kentucky to vacate this year's Final Four appearance: 4.6
  • Years before Jim Calhoun retires from coaching: 0.5
Enjoy the games.